2016 20th Annual Menehune Contest – President’s Message

Hello my fellow Dohenian’s, The 20th Annual Menehune & Junior Championships is in the books. Yesterday under nice weather and high surf we watch the grom’s and juniors show us how to surf middles/2nd spot and when the tide filled in “The Boneyard”. We had around 80 competitors with I’d say 20 of them doing shortboard and longboard together. This would make it one of the most productive Menehune events in some time taking in $3,800 in gross receipts. Following expenditures we will be looking where we will use some of the proceeds for the clubs civic & humanitarian projects. Ronald Mc Donald House has a long history with us over the last 20 years at this event. I cannot thank the club members who came out and Volunteered their Saturday enough. Several of the club members put in an 11 hour day… and many more did 7-8 hours working the event non-stop without breaks. Our judges worked the impossible. Having to “eagle eye” (using spotters) to track our contestants from the crowd of non- contestants in the line-up. We even had a surf school and/or youth group wearing color rash guards enter the break….EVEN HAD Stand UP’s in the line-up….We had some very bad close calls that could have resulted in injury to our contestants. I would not have blame a single one of those judges saying to heck with it and walking off…..BUT they held fast and worked the problem. Even leaving the judges booth to go out into the water and try to segregate the break so that the young competitors (whom parents paid to watch their child ride waves with 5 other kids the same age group) could ride freely without worry. For many of these kids it was their 1st contest, only to be threaten and hoped by disrespecting locals. Whom desired to steal a child’s 15 minutes of fun and possibly their only chance to ride the swell we’re seeing this week without a paddle battle and confrontation. Again if not already said and can’t be said enough…..If it wasn’t for the dedication of the DLSA volunteer pool of individuals this event would not have been successful.  And what I mean is the kids had a blast. The parents were happy. And I think the only complaint was not enough shirts in adult sizes. AND by the way ….The shirts are so cool that Dave had extra’s made for clubs members with just the Doheny logo on them. So if you want to purchase a club shirt for the 4th of July and you will, see Dave. The Friday night BBQ at Hobie Surf Shop in Dana Point was also a smashing success with Dave’s famous Boneyard Dogs and Hobie Surf Shops providing a live band and perfect venue for the last minute sign ups. One more time thank you Volunteers, and Hobie Surf Shops. Oh and thank you Set Up and Tear Down people….Mother of God what an effort to pack the trailer after hiking out off the beach. Luckily the State Parks Team helped us out with that. One MORE one more….Thank you DSBIA for bringing the vendors and entertainment to the surf beach. It made for a very cohesive, flowing and friendly environment. Close knit for the patrons to see and enjoy the vendors, music, food, and surf contest with very little effort. And the beer garden was a welcome station of relief for some of the club’s volunteers after many hours of work. Sincerely, Mark Gale (President) (949) 413-6250 Doheny Longboard Surfing Association (DLSA) Coalition of Surf Clubs BOD member