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2017 Top Competitor Awards at the 2017 Christmas Party

2017 Top Competitors & Top Awards

Tommy Coleman – Boys 14 & under and  the Overall Top Competitor

•Presidents Trophy – Rubio Smith 

•Honorary Award – Bill Bray

Sage McClung – Girls 14 & under

Ethan Coleman – Jr Men

Summer Richley – Jr Women

Bobby Hasbrook – Men

Morgan Sliff – Women

Darren Eudaly – Sr Men

Kim Harris – Sr Women

RJ Hervey – Masters

Katie Calkins – Masters Women

Rubio Smith – Grand Masters

Mark Calkins – Legends

Tom Dalton – Extreme Legends

Mark & Debbie Gale – Tandem

*Overall Top Competitor – Tommy Coleman


December 2017 Presidents Message

Merry Christmas Dohenians;
Just wanted to “drop in on you” with this note of Good Cheer on this Christmas eve. Our club has had an awesomely jolly year thanks to you, your participation and volunteer spirt. Not only did we have fun doing it but we also finish out the year in style at the Christmas Party turning our good vibes into a memorable Christmas for 64 children ranging in age from 1 day old to 18 years old at Orangewood Children’s Home.
2018 will be the clubs 30th year in existence and I’m sure we will make it another year of sharing our stoke, our desires to make a difference where we can, and enjoying each others  company.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, …. “We are lucky ….lucky …people. To have such a wonderful beach to call home, and such awesome members in our club”.
Have a wonder Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Mark Gale

November 2017 Presidents Message

Hello Dohenians and Happy Halloween,

Last weekend was our Halloween Surf or Treat Contest with Potluck and I’d have to say it was a huge success for the soul of this club. I’m still sitting here as I write three days later enjoying all the social pics and videos …reliving the day’s events and reminding myself how full I was from all the great food at the pot luck…. Ugggh I gotta push back from the table more often.

DLSA is so fortunate to have the caliber of volunteers, members, and supporting organizations that it does. I don’t believe the I’ve ever meet better people or been more honored to part of something so unique… The pride of our members beams from the smiles on their faces.

I wear my DLSA jackets, contest shirts, drive my DLSA stickered car, and carry the DLSA flag in my motorhome with such pride that not a day goes by without a moment of reflection of how lucky I and my wife are to be Dohenian’s.

Putting on events for the Coalition of Surf clubs, Public, and Members 4-6 times a year is a lot of work but so rewarding. Our club volunteers ensure the DLSA surf contest, parties, civic & humanitarian projects, and day to day business of the club is an example for the Coalition to “follow”. ….Follow may not be the right word here …I think what I looking for is our volunteers in DLSA are passionate about their club and their area of responsibility assigned or unassigned. That’s right …I continually see the members and volunteers support each other and our events by taking the reins and getting whatever needs to be done handle at that moment without hesitation.

The Halloween Surf or Treat was a fine example of DLSA members doing what needed to be done so that others could have fun. At the end of the surf contest the members and participants got us off the beach and packed up in the event trailer in 30 minutes. SO that all could enjoy great food and each other’s company in the shade of site “A”.

And let’s talk about that a minute …Our friends at the State Park. How lucky are we to have friends like that! We have one of the best locals for a Surf Club anybody could ever want and great infrastructure within the park at our finger tips for ensuring our events are top shelf and an unbelievable supportive staff within the park that goes out of their way to ensure we are happy.

My Words how Lucky are we! And…It Shows …again in the members of this club! We are thankful to our sponsors large and small, as well as our members and patrons of our events because it gives us a chance to give back for what we are so lucky to be part of.

This year the DLSA club tackled Palapa re-roof, did several serious beach clean ups following the storms and July 4th firework show, finally got all the restroom gates welded up, helped with DSBIA’s Halloween Haunt Clean Up, added a new banner post to the PCH side of the park, got to comingle and support DSBIA by running the water events for the Doheny Surf Festival, and supported people and several organizations with monetary donations.

For a small “Boutique” surf club with membership of less than 100 families…You should be proud as proud as I’m to be a Dohenian!

Yes we a small surf club …Our greatest asset and sponsor for our club is its own members… We have man-hours and man-hours is money. Our members when volunteering makes our civic and humanitarian projects possible. We had no large corporate cash sponsor this year and many of our events were sans sponsor. … But we were still able to do all that I listed above because of our people and friends at the State Park.

Our surf team is our representatives to the clubs up and down the coast…. Have you noticed something …members of other clubs are coming to DLSA because of our people….our members… our vibe if you will.

I believe our club is looking at another third place finish this year in the Coalition which is awesome (in large part to our surf captain’s tireless efforts trying to forge a team out of a heard of cats) but more over I think it’s because we are having fun at the Coalition events and it shows. It shows in our surf team and the way we handle ourselves at the events.  First place is great and winning the events are great but DLSA shows time and time again we came for the comradery, the surf, the food, and the ALOHA…. DLSA was founded on will surf for food… OK maybe not, but that’s my story anyway….

 It was truly a good year for our club and in parting I want to remind you we have a Christmas Party at Dec 9th at Shorecliffs Golf Course where again we have a chance to help others by bringing an unwrapped gift of 10 dollars or more for Orangewood Family Center (Children’s Home). More details later … and see you the General Meeting this Saturday at Doheny.

Best wishes for you and your families over the Holidays coming up,


Mark Gale

October 2017 Presidents Message

Hello Dohenians,

Hope you all enjoyed the Velzy. AND I’m so sorry if you missed it ….. We really had a good time.

The Velzy this year was a big change in format. Going back to the open campus format where you could hang out and enjoy the show or buy a dinner and visit the Beer Garden while loosing some change at the raffle booth on raffle tickets or tee shirts was the idea this year. No more font gate and holding people hostage to see the trophies handed out by forcing people to buy an entry ticket. We sold out of almost everything from food to shirts…. But we did have a little beer left over LOL. This was the last year of the Jungle Juice as times change and so do the rules governing alcohol permits.

I really must ….REALLY MUST!…Thank our volunteers. …SO Speaking now to those of you that put hours to days of work into the 28th Annual Dale Velzy Surf Classic and Luau: “I give you my deepest thanks and sincere gratitude for your hard hard work”. It has been, and continues to be, my honor to be your President of DLSA. Just being part of this club has enriched my life many times over. I have the best team of Volunteers and Club Members of all the Coalition Clubs. I heard many times from people in the Luau that the DLSA club has the best members and the most fun of any of the surf clubs. Now that may be true or not, as I hope most people are proud of their surf clubs, but still  …Its good to hear their perception of DLSA…and its all GOOD!

ALSO…A big thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters for the event; The volunteers of DSBIA for running the Left Coast Brewery Beer Garden, Hobie Surf Shops, Fran Hoff of Velzy Surf Boards, Charlie Arce Surfboards, R World Surf & Skate.  ALSO a big thank you to Sedhor Clothing (RJ Hervey) and Dave’s Surf Boards (Dave Rosenberg) …both of these guys ….for not only donating to the event but also working it and then on top of that paying to be in it and attend the Luau. A lot of people don’t realize how many of our BOD or Officers use their own money without being reimbursed for every little thing, just to keep the club healthy and moving ahead.  We had many volunteers go above and beyond by working the event and then paying to be in the event….BRAVO PEOPLE BRAVO….As Debbie Gale says “When you join DLSA you get the honor of paying to work our events”. This is true. It is an honor to be in DLSA and part of the team that throws such fun events. And contributes so much to our little corner of the community and beach.

We will be having our next General Meeting Down at Doheny Oct 7th and I hope to give some good news on how the Velzy did for our club.

I will be sending out an email Oct 4th to remind you of the Saturday General Meeting on Oct 7th. Sadly some of you will not be getting that email. Our Membership dues for this year are so far in the negative that its time to cut the cord. I’d rather not produce a bad member list and perhaps we have lost some members.This club is not one size fits all ….And it’s my desire that our membership becomes elite, and filled with people that enjoy helping the club and believe in what we stand for. No one is forced to stay with DLSA and we certainly will not hold you hostage. We hope you enjoy whatever club or  surf team or civic humanitarian organization you wish to be part of. But you are going to miss out on a fun Christmas Party ….LOL

If you still want to pay for your 2017 membership (visit DLSA.club)…please get with our membership director at our General Meeting or mail your dues into PO Box 664 Dana Point CA. 92629

Thank you again one and all for such a great Velzy and bitch’n surf club,

Mark Gale
DLSA President

2017 Swamis Surfing Association Contest

An incredible weekend of surfing and coalition family fun. There was a great swell with a wide range of conditions from stormy to glassy. Saturday challenged everyone on the paddle out, but after getting out (if you got out) there were some good waves to be had. There were a few people who were “Iron Men” and surfed multiple heats in thumping conditions. The team did great with an overall 3rd place. Check out the results of the Swami’s contest and other past contests be clicking here. The Swamis Club put on a great “Return to the Reef” event, that our club enjoys and looks forward to every year.

2016 20th Annual Menehune Contest – President’s Message

Hello my fellow Dohenian’s, The 20th Annual Menehune & Junior Championships is in the books. Yesterday under nice weather and high surf we watch the grom’s and juniors show us how to surf middles/2nd spot and when the tide filled in “The Boneyard”. We had around 80 competitors with I’d say 20 of them doing shortboard and longboard together. This would make it one of the most productive Menehune events in some time taking in $3,800 in gross receipts. Following expenditures we will be looking where we will use some of the proceeds for the clubs civic & humanitarian projects. Ronald Mc Donald House has a long history with us over the last 20 years at this event. I cannot thank the club members who came out and Volunteered their Saturday enough. Several of the club members put in an 11 hour day… and many more did 7-8 hours working the event non-stop without breaks. Our judges worked the impossible. Having to “eagle eye” (using spotters) to track our contestants from the crowd of non- contestants in the line-up. We even had a surf school and/or youth group wearing color rash guards enter the break….EVEN HAD Stand UP’s in the line-up….We had some very bad close calls that could have resulted in injury to our contestants. I would not have blame a single one of those judges saying to heck with it and walking off…..BUT they held fast and worked the problem. Even leaving the judges booth to go out into the water and try to segregate the break so that the young competitors (whom parents paid to watch their child ride waves with 5 other kids the same age group) could ride freely without worry. For many of these kids it was their 1st contest, only to be threaten and hoped by disrespecting locals. Whom desired to steal a child’s 15 minutes of fun and possibly their only chance to ride the swell we’re seeing this week without a paddle battle and confrontation. Again if not already said and can’t be said enough…..If it wasn’t for the dedication of the DLSA volunteer pool of individuals this event would not have been successful.  And what I mean is the kids had a blast. The parents were happy. And I think the only complaint was not enough shirts in adult sizes. AND by the way ….The shirts are so cool that Dave had extra’s made for clubs members with just the Doheny logo on them. So if you want to purchase a club shirt for the 4th of July and you will, see Dave. The Friday night BBQ at Hobie Surf Shop in Dana Point was also a smashing success with Dave’s famous Boneyard Dogs and Hobie Surf Shops providing a live band and perfect venue for the last minute sign ups. One more time thank you Volunteers, and Hobie Surf Shops. Oh and thank you Set Up and Tear Down people….Mother of God what an effort to pack the trailer after hiking out off the beach. Luckily the State Parks Team helped us out with that. One MORE one more….Thank you DSBIA for bringing the vendors and entertainment to the surf beach. It made for a very cohesive, flowing and friendly environment. Close knit for the patrons to see and enjoy the vendors, music, food, and surf contest with very little effort. And the beer garden was a welcome station of relief for some of the club’s volunteers after many hours of work. Sincerely, Mark Gale (President) (949) 413-6250 Doheny Longboard Surfing Association (DLSA) Coalition of Surf Clubs BOD member