2017 Malibu Call to the Wall

 An incredible weekend for the 2017 Call to the Wall.  Waves and wind were cooperative most of the time, ranging from knee to shoulder high.  Overall the conditions were pretty darned  good and we could not ask for better weather.  
The turn out was great with a strong representation from every team and several competitors that made the cross country journey to participate.
The DLSA team did not let us down, nearly everyone advanced and most of our attending team took home a beautiful trophy showing Malibu during the epic waves of Hurricane Marie.  
Those lucky enough to have that trophy on their wall;

Sage McClung-7th
Tommy Coleman-5th
Koa McClung-4th
RJ Hervey-6th
Mark Calkins-4th
Tandem-RJ Hervey & Wendy Guerrero-4th

Team placing-6th place 

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2017 60’s Contest

The 2017 Doheny Surf Festival was a big success with our 60’s contest and Tandem Foolery right in the middle of it all. The Club and our contestants had a really good weekend. 

Clearly the main stream Media from ESPN, The OC Register, Surfer Mag, Dana Point Times to all the Social Media felt the vibe and uniqueness of this event.
Can anyone remember 30 minute heats? I can’t, I surfed two hours in this event …woohoo. The laid back comfortable atmosphere of the event really felt like our club was going back to the beach days of fun and socializing we were in the 90’s. Wonderful it was. One of the best parts for me was the Volunteers that worked the event.. I can’t thank you enough and I’m smitten with appreciation for watching such awesome people fill any need that was present. I can’t remember ever sitting back and not having to go handle something that needed to be done ….But at this event it was all on auto pilot. Our people …our awesome volunteers just stepped up and did whatever needed to be done. 
It wasn’t just DLSA club members that stepped up to volunteer ….at 5:00 am Saturday morning Michael Takayama of OLSC was under my motorhome that was pulling the DLSA event trailer for setup working to get us to the beach and set up for this event and first heats…Yes Mike happen to drive by my house when he saw we were in trouble with a tire problem as he was on his way to help set up the event. 
DSBIA and the State Parks assisted us with making set up and tear down the easiest to date. Bringing the gator for tear down made life so easy and that tire problem I had …Red the Range came out to the main road of the Harbor to bring me in as I was so late for set up Saturday morning and the streets were blocked to me accessing the park….
But again the Volunteers of this club and people who care about us made it all come together for a magical weekend at Doheny.
Sadly following the Sundays event a tragic accident happen on jetty road with a young man and family many of us know. For Debbie & I he was one of the best parts of the weekend helping out with the trophies and just to see the glow in his eyes reminded us that our time working the event was so worth it as some of his stoke really gave us a second wind and a feeling of this is all worth doing. 
The kids loved the recycled “homemade feel” of the trophies and eyed them as if they were in a candy store. 
There is no greater reward in life then making people happy; and if serving others means you’re successful then clearly the club members of DLSA are very successful people and should be proud of their volunteer time and their surf club.
At Saturdays meeting we will talk about up coming events, and some things we should consider working on as a way of giving back to those that give so much to our club.
2017 SURFIN’ 60’s Contest Results:
o   BOYS 19 & UNDER:

1st Ethan Mudge

2nd Griffin Waale

3rd Ethan Coleman

4th Tommy Coleman

5th Trevor Dortigrac

6th Finn Walden

o   MEN 20 to 39

1st Noah Cardoza

2nd Alex Greene

3rd Kahu Andronicus

4th Arron Walden

5th Brendon Chastile

6th Nick Melanson

o   MASTER MEN 40 to 59

1st RJ Hervey

2nd Christian Wadmen

3rd Guy Takayama

4th Michael Takayama

5th Rubio Smith

6th Goff  Steplen

o   LEGENDS 60 +

1st Mark Calkins

2nd Ron Greene

3rd Mario Quiros

4th Ed McMillen

5th Kerry Pedlow

o   GIRLS 18 & UNDER

1st Summer Richley

2nd Liv Stokes

3rd Nyah Mertz

4th Carolyn Sachse

5th Cate Stokes

o   WOMEN 19 to 40

1st Makala Smith

2nd Nyah Mertz

3rd Summer Richley

4th Caroline Sachse

o   WOMEN 40 +

1st Katie Calkins

2nd Kim Harris           


1st Tommy Coleman

2nd Ethan Mudge

3rd Bucky Barry

4th RJ Hervey

5th Ethan Coleman

6th Zeke Rose


1st Geoffrey & Kara

2nd Mark & Debbie Gale

3rd Stephen & Jessie

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Church Shark Survivor

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60’s Contest entry form

Jun. 25, 2017 (possibly June 24th and 25th TBD)

60’s Contest
Doheny State Beach

Any size board made prior to 1970 may enter the event. Bring your own pre ‘70’s surfboard. Beach sign-ups are unlikely but may be possible the day of the event. Beach Sign-ups begin at the event 7:00am. Tandem (any year board) Expression Session is $50 per team.

Click here for the pdf 2017 60’s contest entry form

Make Checks Payable to: Doheny Longboard Surfing Association MAIL TO PO BOX 664 Dana Point Ca. 92629 DEADLINE: MAIL IN BY JUNE 16th
Call for Info 949 413 6250 or email: president@dlsa.club 
FAX 949 443 0774
DIVISIONS: (Check appropriate circles for each Division desired) Rules …Menehune may surf up one division and their own division (example that would be $45 for two divisions) All other divisions may surf down one division along with their own division except dropping down into Menehune. Nose Riding has no age brackets. You must bring your own pre 1970 board or one that you borrowed as we do not have boards to loan.
o   Menehune Boys 14 & Under

o   Jr Men 15-19

o   Men 20-29

o   Sr Men 30-39

o   Masters Men 40-49

o   Grand M Men 50-59

o   Legends Men 60-69

o   Extreme Legends 69+

o   Menehune Girls 14 and Under

o   Jr Women 15-18

o   Women 19 – 34

o   Women 35 – 46           

o   Women 50+

o   Womens Nose Riding (any age)

o   Mens Nose Riding (any age)

o   Tandem (60’s Board Not Required)

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In the annual Gathering of the Balls, DSLA defeated two time champion OLSC.  While Oceanside was their usual tough competitor Doheny prevailed.  A big thanks to Oceanside Surf Bowl.  A great time was had by all!

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2017 DLSA Gathering of the Tribes

Incredible Weekend of Surfing!

Photos to come but you can download the final results here!

Final Results

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2016 20th Annual Menehune Contest – President’s Message

Hello my fellow Dohenian’s,

The 20th Annual Menehune & Junior Championships is in the books. Yesterday under nice weather and high surf we watch the grom’s and juniors show us how to surf middles/2nd spot and when the tide filled in “The Boneyard”.

We had around 80 competitors with I’d say 20 of them doing shortboard and longboard together. This would make it one of the most productive Menehune events in some time taking in $3,800 in gross receipts. Following expenditures we will be looking where we will use some of the proceeds for the clubs civic & humanitarian projects. Ronald Mc Donald House has a long history with us over the last 20 years at this event.

I cannot thank the club members who came out and Volunteered their Saturday enough. Several of the club members put in an 11 hour day… and many more did 7-8 hours working the event non-stop without breaks.

Our judges worked the impossible. Having to “eagle eye” (using spotters) to track our contestants from the crowd of non- contestants in the line-up. We even had a surf school and/or youth group wearing color rash guards enter the break….EVEN HAD Stand UP’s in the line-up….We had some very bad close calls that could have resulted in injury to our contestants. I would not have blame a single one of those judges saying to heck with it and walking off…..BUT they held fast and worked the problem. Even leaving the judges booth to go out into the water and try to segregate the break so that the young competitors (whom parents paid to watch their child ride waves with 5 other kids the same age group) could ride freely without worry.

For many of these kids it was their 1st contest, only to be threaten and hoped by disrespecting locals. Whom desired to steal a child’s 15 minutes of fun and possibly their only chance to ride the swell we’re seeing this week without a paddle battle and confrontation.

Again if not already said and can’t be said enough…..If it wasn’t for the dedication of the DLSA volunteer pool of individuals this event would not have been successful.  And what I mean is the kids had a blast. The parents were happy. And I think the only complaint was not enough shirts in adult sizes.

AND by the way ….The shirts are so cool that Dave had extra’s made for clubs members with just the Doheny logo on them. So if you want to purchase a club shirt for the 4th of July and you will, see Dave.

The Friday night BBQ at Hobie Surf Shop in Dana Point was also a smashing success with Dave’s famous Boneyard Dogs and Hobie Surf Shops providing a live band and perfect venue for the last minute sign ups.

One more time thank you Volunteers, and Hobie Surf Shops. Oh and thank you Set Up and Tear Down people….Mother of God what an effort to pack the trailer after hiking out off the beach. Luckily the State Parks Team helped us out with that.

One MORE one more….Thank you DSBIA for bringing the vendors and entertainment to the surf beach. It made for a very cohesive, flowing and friendly environment. Close knit for the patrons to see and enjoy the vendors, music, food, and surf contest with very little effort. And the beer garden was a welcome station of relief for some of the club’s volunteers after many hours of work.

Mark Gale (President)
(949) 413-6250
Doheny Longboard Surfing Association (DLSA)
Coalition of Surf Clubs BOD member

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2016 Annual 60’s Contest Results

Gremmies: Ride Your Own
1 Ricky Fodor
2 Mickey Parker
3 Koa McMcung
4 Ben Kappes
5 Malcolm McClung
6 Ethan Coleman

Hodads: Ride Your Own
1 Matt Suckle
2 Daniel Williams
3 Josh Rapozo
4 Trevor Dortignac

Kahunas: Ride Your Own
1 Jeremy Portfilio
2 RJ Hervey
3 Rubio Smith
4 Kerry Pedlow
5 Mark Calkins
6 Ed Dip McMillen

Wahines: Ride Your Own
1 Lauren Canavan
2 Katie Calkins
3 Sage McClung
4 Eva Levy

Combined Dudes: Pick a Stick
1 Josh Rapozo
2 Jeremy Portfilio
3 Mark Calkins
4 Ben Kappes
5 Malcolm McClung
6 Ricky Fodor

Wahines: Pick a Stick
1 Katie Calkins
2 Sage McClung
3 Eva Levy

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2015 26th Annual Dale Velzy Results


Men 20-29

1st       Andy Nieblas

2nd      Matt Suckel

3rd       Noah Cardoza

4th       Ben Cardoza

5th       Cody Ulrich

6th       Shaun Gonzales

Senior Men 30-39

1st       John Rapozo

2nd      RJ Hervey

3rd       Gabriel Victorino

4th       John Kedroff

5th       Erik Torregroza

6th       George Yoakum

Grand Master Men 47-59

1st       Jeremy Porfolio

2nd      Guy Takayama

3rd       Rubio Smith

4th       Sean Bush

5th       Ed McMillen

6th       Bill Harris


1st       Pauly & Erica

2nd      Bobby & Breanna

3rd       Travis & Ahlia

4th       Mark & Debbie

5th       George & Tanya

6th       Jeremy & Tammy

Women 14-43

1st       Sophia Bartlow

2nd      Jacqueline Gatz

3rd       Sophia Drewelow

4th       Amanda DeGeorge

Boys 13 and under

1st       Callen Viter

2nd      Jack May

3rd       Koa McClung

4th       Tommy Coleman

5th       Micah Abadie

6th       Beau Ulrich

Senior Women 44+

1st       Ida Ciusa

2nd      Katie Calkins

3rd       Kim Harris

4th       Joann Crampton

Ultra Legends Men 80+

1st       Gary Stellern

2nd      Russell Elwell

Extreme Legends Men 69-79

1st       Mickey Munoz

2nd      John Lewis

3rd       Richard Dietz

4th       Henery Jones

Legends Men 60-68

1st       Steve Walden

2nd      Steve Stirrett

3rd       Chuck McElvain

4th       Sal Avila

5th       Dave Hilts

Girls 13 and under

1st       Kylie Harris

2nd      Sage McClung

3rd       Natalie Steele

4th       Mason Grey

5th       Karley Osorio

6th       Chloe Cowan

Junior Men 15-19

1st       Brier Haycox

2nd      Christian Stutzman

3rd       Kyle Perez

4th       Malcolm McClung

5th       Ben Kappes

6th       Ricky Fodor

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2015 Annual 60’s Contest Results

May 14, 2015 – Annual 60’s Contest Results

Gremmies :
1 Ben Kappes
2 Kaden Likins
3 Koa McClung
4 Malcolm McClung
5 Danny Williams
6 Barrett Miller

Hodads :
1 Christian Stutzman
2 Tim Reda
3 Kai Takayama
4 Bryce DeWees
5 Josh Rapozo

Kahunas :
1 RJ Hervey
2 Mark Calkins
3 Felipe
4 Bill Harris
5 Rubio Smith
6 Kerry Pedlow

Wahines :
1 Chloe Calmon
2 Katie Calkins
3 Rachael Wendel
4 Amy Reda
5 Kim Harris
6 Deborah Jeffs

Wahines Pick a Stick :
1 Amy Reda
2 Chloe Calmon
3 Rachael Wendel
4 Katie Calkins
5 Kim Harris
6 Deborah Jeffs

Kahunas Pick a Stick :
1 Tim Reda
2 Jeremy Portfilio
3 Ben Kappes
4 Bryce Dewees
5 Kaiser Takayama
6 Kaden Likins

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