November 2017 Presidents Message

Hello Dohenians and Happy Halloween,

Last weekend was our Halloween Surf or Treat Contest with Potluck and I’d have to say it was a huge success for the soul of this club. I’m still sitting here as I write three days later enjoying all the social pics and videos …reliving the day’s events and reminding myself how full I was from all the great food at the pot luck…. Ugggh I gotta push back from the table more often.

DLSA is so fortunate to have the caliber of volunteers, members, and supporting organizations that it does. I don’t believe the I’ve ever meet better people or been more honored to part of something so unique… The pride of our members beams from the smiles on their faces.

I wear my DLSA jackets, contest shirts, drive my DLSA stickered car, and carry the DLSA flag in my motorhome with such pride that not a day goes by without a moment of reflection of how lucky I and my wife are to be Dohenian’s.

Putting on events for the Coalition of Surf clubs, Public, and Members 4-6 times a year is a lot of work but so rewarding. Our club volunteers ensure the DLSA surf contest, parties, civic & humanitarian projects, and day to day business of the club is an example for the Coalition to “follow”. ….Follow may not be the right word here …I think what I looking for is our volunteers in DLSA are passionate about their club and their area of responsibility assigned or unassigned. That’s right …I continually see the members and volunteers support each other and our events by taking the reins and getting whatever needs to be done handle at that moment without hesitation.

The Halloween Surf or Treat was a fine example of DLSA members doing what needed to be done so that others could have fun. At the end of the surf contest the members and participants got us off the beach and packed up in the event trailer in 30 minutes. SO that all could enjoy great food and each other’s company in the shade of site “A”.

And let’s talk about that a minute …Our friends at the State Park. How lucky are we to have friends like that! We have one of the best locals for a Surf Club anybody could ever want and great infrastructure within the park at our finger tips for ensuring our events are top shelf and an unbelievable supportive staff within the park that goes out of their way to ensure we are happy.

My Words how Lucky are we! And…It Shows …again in the members of this club! We are thankful to our sponsors large and small, as well as our members and patrons of our events because it gives us a chance to give back for what we are so lucky to be part of.

This year the DLSA club tackled Palapa re-roof, did several serious beach clean ups following the storms and July 4th firework show, finally got all the restroom gates welded up, helped with DSBIA’s Halloween Haunt Clean Up, added a new banner post to the PCH side of the park, got to comingle and support DSBIA by running the water events for the Doheny Surf Festival, and supported people and several organizations with monetary donations.

For a small “Boutique” surf club with membership of less than 100 families…You should be proud as proud as I’m to be a Dohenian!

Yes we a small surf club …Our greatest asset and sponsor for our club is its own members… We have man-hours and man-hours is money. Our members when volunteering makes our civic and humanitarian projects possible. We had no large corporate cash sponsor this year and many of our events were sans sponsor. … But we were still able to do all that I listed above because of our people and friends at the State Park.

Our surf team is our representatives to the clubs up and down the coast…. Have you noticed something …members of other clubs are coming to DLSA because of our people….our members… our vibe if you will.

I believe our club is looking at another third place finish this year in the Coalition which is awesome (in large part to our surf captain’s tireless efforts trying to forge a team out of a heard of cats) but more over I think it’s because we are having fun at the Coalition events and it shows. It shows in our surf team and the way we handle ourselves at the events.  First place is great and winning the events are great but DLSA shows time and time again we came for the comradery, the surf, the food, and the ALOHA…. DLSA was founded on will surf for food… OK maybe not, but that’s my story anyway….

 It was truly a good year for our club and in parting I want to remind you we have a Christmas Party at Dec 9th at Shorecliffs Golf Course where again we have a chance to help others by bringing an unwrapped gift of 10 dollars or more for Orangewood Family Center (Children’s Home). More details later … and see you the General Meeting this Saturday at Doheny.

Best wishes for you and your families over the Holidays coming up,


Mark Gale

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